Accepting award, Mitch Daniels highlights Syrian background

Posted by on May 04, 2011 in News Clips

Mitch Daniels drew extensively on his Syrian heritage in accepting an award from an Arab-American group Wednesday night, connecting his own family’s journey to the United States with the uprisings unfolding in his ancestral homeland and elsewhere in the Arab world.“There have been the same stirrings, same yearnings for freedom that have busted loose elsewhere," the Indiana governor said during his second public appearance of the day in Washington. “May Syria and all the lands near it soon become places of peace, and freedom and self-determination.” Daniels, who gave a major education speech earlier in the day...

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Barbour out, Daniels in?

Posted by on April 25, 2011 in Blog

Today Mississippi Governor, Haley Barbour announced that he will not seek the GOP presidential nomination. Gov. Barbour's announcement came as a surprise to most as in late January he said that he was "seriously thinking" about a presidential run. He shortly thereafter began traveling and also hired new staff. As he said he would, however, Barbour waited until the end of April to make his ultimate decision, and now as a result heads are turning towards Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. Gov, Daniels, a close friend of Barbour's, has also garnered a fair amount of media attention and speculation...

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Arab American Group Praises Mitch Daniels As ‘The Adult In The Room’

Posted by on April 19, 2011 in News Clips

While some GOP presidential contenders ratchet up their anti-Muslim rhetoric to toxic levels, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniel (R) is set to accept a prestigious award next month from the Arab American Institute.May Berry, executive director of AAI, told TPM that the award was incidental to his status as a possible presidential candidate and celebrates his broad record of public service and his Syrian heritage, which is not commonly known. Nonetheless, she noted that Daniels' award comes at a time of increasingly mainstream anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiment in conservative circles."It's a moment to honor our own and Mitch Daniels goes back...

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The Hill: “Daniels is playing by his own rules”

Posted by on April 14, 2011 in Blog

We've been writing about Mitch Daniels quite often, and we've watched him in the news closely these past few months. Governor Daniels (R-Indiana) has been relatively quiet about a potential presidential run, but has remained a subject of extreme interest for many reasons. Gov. Daniels piques our interest not only because he is Arab American (his grandparents are from Syria), he is a politician who - even in today's hyper-partisan political climate - has not digressed from his primary focus; fixing the economy. He has insisted that other issues not become a distraction and has not pandered to the anti-Muslim, anti-Arab...

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Mitch Daniels Setting The Standard

Posted by on April 01, 2011 in Blog

With no leading Republican yet officially declared for president and only two exploration committees formed, the 2012 field remains wide open.  However, as one surveys the list of potential candidates, one sticks out for a very simple reason. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, in contrast to most if not all of his compatriots, has kept his rhetoric on an even keel. He hasn’t pandered to or sought out the political benefits of engaging in the hyper-partisan arena of campaign politics.Daniels has separated himself from the emerging GOP field by avoiding the traditional politics of pandering to the party’s base and has...

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Daniels:  “Substance over Ceremony”

Posted by on March 25, 2011 in Blog

Tea partiers are “choosing substance over ceremony, character over charisma, and Gov. Daniels fits the bill,” according to Dick Armey.

So says Maggie Haberman in today’s Politico. She quotes the former House Majority Leader as saying that Daniels, who will receive the Najeeb Halaby Award for Public Service at our 2011 Gibran Awards Gala, has an “outstanding track record” on the practical issues that Tea Partiers care about most.

His appeal to the GOP leadership and tea partiers notwithstanding, Daniels has yet to officially announce whether he’ll throw his hat into the ring for the 2012 Republican Presidential...

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The Census, Apportionment and You

Posted by on March 25, 2011 in Blog

Census figures do more than track population growth. (Including the 43% jump in Asian population —the category that includes Arab Americans. It’s the single largest increase of any ethnic group in the US over the last decade.)

The figures also dictate Congressional apportionment, and this year’s changes will have a big impact on Arab Americans. Seven of the 20 states that will gain or lose seats are Arab American population centers. Look at it another way: of the eleven states with the highest concentrations of Arab Americans, seven will have new apportionments — and five of those are losing seats. The effected...

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Mitch Daniels and the Right

Posted by on January 13, 2011 in Blog

In recent months, Indiana Governor and potential presidential candidate Mitch Daniels has come under scrutiny from some conservative groups, for suggesting the GOP call a “truce” on social issues with liberals in order to focus the country’s political efforts on more pressing fiscal issues. Daniels’ views became the inspiration for an article written by Marjorie Dannenfelser, Executive Director of the Susan B. Anthony List, an organization committed to the integration of pro-life women in political life. Danenfelser's article highlights Daniels as a political outlier within the conservative wing and claims Daniel’s views will not take root among...

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Governor Daniels Goes to Washington

Posted by on January 07, 2011 in Blog

It’s not quite certain yet, but analysts observing the recent engagements and comments of Arab American Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels agree that he’s ever more serious about pursuing the Presidency in 2012.  While in DC to deliver a speech at the inaugural "Fiscy" awards, Daniels reportedly held several off-the-record political meetings in addition to appearing on MSNBC and CNN, continuing what Erin McPike of Real Clear Politics described as his “cat-and-mouse game with the press as he builds his national name recognition in advance of a potential bid.”A recent New York Times article stated that of...

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A Preview of the First Day of the 112th Congress

Posted by on January 05, 2011 in Blog

Today marks the first day of the 112th Congress.  At 12:00pm today both the House and the Senate will be called to order.  In the House, outgoing Speaker, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House, will deliver remarks followed by incoming speaker, Rep. John Boehner.  Following his remarks and his own swearing in, Rep. Boehner will swear in the other members of the House.  On the Senate side, Vice President Joe Biden will assist with the swearing in of new and re-elected Senators.  Other ceremonial measures will also take place and...

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