INTERVIEW: Arab American Republican Sam LaHood on Attending the Trump Convention

Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on July 19, 2016 in Blog

Sam LaHood is an Arab American Republican attending the 2016 Convention. Mr. LaHood serves at the International Republican Institute as the Deputy Director of the Asia division. Mr. LaHood supported Marco Rubio in the primary; this interview reflects his personal views and not that of his employer.

Q: What has been your history with the Republican Party?

I was a full time staff for Senator John McCain's presidential campaign in 2008 and had worked as a volunteer in almost every election cycle before then.  In this...

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Countdown Vol. 14 No. 18: A Rally Cry

Posted on June 17, 2016 in Countdown
AAI's weekly take on news from Washington, around the country, and abroad.
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Washington Watch: Dump Trump

Posted on June 11, 2016 in Washington Watch

by James J. Zogby Recent Trump outrages have thrown the GOP establishment into a tizzy. Reactions have been varied, ranging from a few brave souls who have denounced their nominee's bigotry to those who continue to hope against hope that Trump will begin to behave more "presidential". Ignored in all of this are two important realities: Trump is Trump; and his message and movement are the handiwork of the very establishment that is now rejecting their creations. Trump's xenophobic, male chauvinist, and bigoted bullying campaign rhetoric is not an act. It is who he is and it...

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Dr. Jill Stein

Posted on June 08, 2016 in Election Central

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Dr. Jill Stein is a Massachusetts physician running as the Green Party candidate for President in 2016. This is her second time representing the party, as she also did so in 2012. Stein has been active in local government, and she previously ran for Massachusetts State Representative in 2004 and Secretary...

Arab Americans on the Ground in 2016: Andre Sayegh’s Ground Game Wins Him Paterson Council Seat

Posted by Joan Hanna on June 07, 2016 in Blog

Voting is a privilege. Having a voice in how your country is run should not be taken for granted because, in some countries, citizens do not have that right. Yet, some say their one vote will not matter. Some say they do not vote because the system is rigged. Some say they are too busy to do the research required to be properly informed. If a person prescribes to any of those mindsets, do they also consent to having their voice, their...

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Washington Watch: My Role With the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee

Posted on June 06, 2016 in Washington Watch
I wasn't going to write about this subject, but something happened yesterday over lunch that prompted me to reconsider.
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Washington Watch: The Sanders Phenomenon

Posted on May 28, 2016 in Washington Watch
There is a Sanders phenomenon. It is real and the factors that have prompted its emergence need to addressed and understood.
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Countdown Vol. 14 No. 15: Look Who's Talking Now

Posted on May 26, 2016 in Countdown
This week on Countdown: All the talk surrounding AAI President Jim Zogby's appointment to the DNC platform committee; Questions regarding Trump's Muslim supporters; why TSA isn't the only problem for travelers this summer; and, another acquittal in Baltimore.
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