Machinery of Democracy: The Supreme Court’s term on election law

Posted by Ryan Suto on July 20, 2018 in Blog

The past term the Supreme Court took on a number of important election-related cases. Several of these decisions have major implications for how Americans can vote and how districts can be created for the upcoming midterm elections and beyond. Discussed below are each of the Court’s holdings in the following cases, and what they mean for the future of U.S. elections: Husted v. Randolph Institute, Gill v. Whitford, Benisek v. Lamone, Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky, and Abbott v. Perez.

The Purge: Husted v. Randolph Institute

The Court upheld, 5-4, the legality of an Ohio law which removes voters from the voter registration...

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Countdown Vol. 17 No. 23: The Worst is Yet to Come

Posted on May 11, 2018 in Countdown

DREAMers Countdown: It’s been 247 days since President Trump moved to end DACA. The courts did step in to block the move, but Congress has yet to provide a permanent fix.

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Response to DOJ Indictments on Election Meddling & Social Media Responsibility

Posted on February 16, 2018 in Press Releases

Contact: Jennifer Salan, Arab American Institute or 202-429-9210 (desk) 202-494-9857 cell

For Immediate Release:

February 16, 2018

Arab American Institute Response to DOJ Indictments on Election Meddling & Social Media Responsibility

Official Statement from AAI Executive Director Maya Berry

(Washington) The following is a statement from Arab American Institute Executive Director Maya Berry on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Indictments Regarding Election Meddling: While today’s indictments confirm what any observer of the 2016 presidential election already knows, it remains difficult to accept the nature of the attack on our political system and the impact it had on our election, and the...

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Retirement Party

Posted by Guest on November 17, 2017 in Blog

by Hanna Saba

The 2018 midterm elections are a year away and members of Congress–Republicans in particular—are deciding they want no part of it. Thus far, 12 Republicans in the House and two in the Senate have announced that they plan to retire from Congress at the beginning of 2019. Three others have either resigned or plan to resign soon, and another 10 have announced that they’re running for a different office. On the opposite side of the aisle, four Democrats in the House and zero senators plan to retire from Congress, which is a pretty dramatic partisan disparity.


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Washington Watch: President Trump Wasn't on the Ballot. Nevertheless, He Lost. 

Posted on November 11, 2017 in Washington Watch

by James J. Zogby With all due respect to the gubernatorial candidates who won their elections on November 7th, there can be no doubt that their road to victory was paved, in part, by voter's rejection of Donald Trump and Trumpism. The president wasn't on the ballot, but his presence was felt by an energized electorate intent on sending him a message of rejection.   Much attention, of course, was focused on Democratic wins in the high-profile contests for governor in Virginia and New Jersey. The margins of these victories were larger than expected and were correctly attributed...

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Congress Holds Three Hearings on Russian Social Media Influence

Posted by Guest on November 03, 2017 in Blog

by Sarah Seniuk Probes into the influence of Russian entities during the 2016 presidential election produced distributing evidence of the use of social media platforms, including Facebook, to manipulate our election. We learned that as many as 126 million Americans may have seen some of the 80,000 pieces of Russia-created content on Facebook and 2,752 Twitter accounts have been linked to Russian propaganda. Much of this content was aimed at exploiting existing social and political divisions in the country and while the attention on foreign interference in the election is merited, we were focused on the...

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The Pence-Kobach Election Commission is Voter Suppression by another name

Posted by Ryan Suto on September 14, 2017 in Blog

An afternoon Tweet, only weeks after the 2016 election, re-launched an important conversation about voting rights in the United States: “…I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally” Unfortunately, no assertion in that Tweet is supported by evidence. Nonetheless, President Donald Trump empaneled the “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity” to investigate voter fraud in the United States based on his personal assertion that ‘illegal votes’ were cast against him. The Pence-Kobach Commission, as it is known, reinforces repeated conservative claims of rampant voter fraud that have been either completely unsubstantiated or supported by evidence that has...

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Arab Americans on the Ground in 2016: Abdullah Hammoud Proves Age is Only a Number

Posted by Joan Hanna on November 16, 2016 in Blog
WINNER! Meet Abdullah Hammoud, Michigan's 15th District State Representative
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Wrap Up: Arab Americans on the Ground in 2016

Posted by Arab American Institute on November 09, 2016 in Blog

In 2016, Arab Americans were more engaged than ever in American electoral politics. Below are some of the original features AAI wrote to highlight the work of individual activists, candidates, organizations, and voters who made a difference this election year.  Patterson, New Jersey Councilman Andre Sayegh Cambridge City Councilman Nadeem Mazen Iowa precinct captain Newman Abuissa Michigan candidate for the 15th District, Abdullah Hammoud The Middle Eastern Student Center at the University of California, Riverside Swing state Pennsylvania’s millennial Arab American voters...

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Election Results - 2016 Arab American Candidates

Posted by Joan Hanna on November 09, 2016 in Blog

From local school boards, to the United States House of Representatives, Arab Americans are serving their communities and our country in innumerable capacities. Head over to our Roster of Arab Americans in Public Service and Political Life for a list of those currently in office. In 2016, there were 38 Arab American candidates who ran for elected offices across the United State. Below are the general election results which saw 14 Arab American candidates secure office. For a full listing of all 2016 Arab American candidates (primaries...

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