Event: DC Rally 4 Refugees

Posted by Nadia Aziz on August 25, 2016 in Blog

The Arab American Institute will be joining the “DC Rally 4 Refugees” on Sunday, August 28th from 10 AM - 2:30 PM (rain or shine) at the Washington National Monument (Sylvan Theatre) on the National Mall.  The rally seeks to raise awareness about the global refugee crisis and urge the U.S. to take action to alleviate suffering through relief efforts and refugee resettlement. The rally will offer resources for those who wish to help and raise a collective voice against intolerance. 

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Pamela Geller Heads to the Supreme Court with Seattle and Boston Bus Ad Cases

Posted by Joan Hanna on August 28, 2015 in Blog
The longtime saga of Pamela Geller and her organization, The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), to challenge the boundaries of First Amendment rights continues. On August 12th, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied AFDI the right to post advertisements on Seattle buses that falsely claimed an exaggerated FBI reward for wanted terrorists. David Yerushalmi, the group’s attorney, promised to take this matter to the U.S. Supreme Court. This is not the first time that AFDI has clashed with the court system.
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AAI and NAAP-DC Host Annual Summer Speed Networking Event

Posted by Joan Hanna on June 17, 2015 in Blog
AAI partnered with the DC chapter of the Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP-DC) to host our annual speed networking event in Washington, DC last night. Over sixty people joined us to grab an appetizer and get to know one another before taking part in a fast and fun speed networking loop. Arab American students, interns, and professionals - representing a variety of career fields from government, to non profits, media, and medicine - had a great time meeting new people and learning about interesting work Arab Americans are involved in.
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District of Columbia

Posted on June 16, 2015 in States

Washington, D.C. Estimated Arab American Population

U.S. Census Estimated Arab American Population: 3,607Source: 2005-2009 American Community Survey Rolling 5-Year Average – U.S. Census Bureau

Washington, DC Demographic Sheet 

  Washington, D.C. Election Resources

District of Columbia Voter Fact Sheet 2019

District of Columbia Voter Fact Sheet 2018

  Washington, D.C. Local Resources

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Yalla Vote Registration Tool

Posted on June 02, 2015 in Arab American Institute
Register to vote here!
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Nakba Museum: Of Memory and Hope

Posted by on February 20, 2015 in Blog

In 2011, Bshara Nassar participated in a New Story Leadership program that brought together young Israelis and Palestinians in a powerful learning experience. The program took 10 participants to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum which certainly seemed like an appropriate site for reflection. However, he realized that there was not a museum dedicated to showing the suffering of the Palestinian people. Although the program aspired to fairly expose participants to the historical underpinnings of the Israeli and Palestinian narratives on modern history and conflict, Nassar realized that it was missing a key element of the Palestinian experience - which inspired him...

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Arab and Muslim Americans Had a Rough 2014

Posted by on January 07, 2015 in Blog

With 2015 now underway Arab Americans and American Muslims are hoping that this year will be better for them than 2014. Throughout most of 2014, reports of hate crimes against Arab Americans and American Muslims across the country were frequent and seen on both the micro and macro level. Just last month, a Somali taxi driver was beaten unconscious by three men who accused the driver of being a “terrorist”. This past November the state of Alabama overwhelmingly passed an anti-Islam amendment that was marketed to voters as a ban on “foreign and international laws”. This is

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Make Sure You’re Counted - Tell the Census Bureau You Support the MENA Checkbox

Posted on December 18, 2014 in Action Alerts

Last month, the US Census Bureau announced that it will be testing the MENA category for inclusion in the 2020 Census. This is a vitally important measure to correct the problematic under count of our community. Now that the Census Bureau has officially announced it's plans to test the category over the course of 2015, the Bureau is soliciting public opinions on the MENA category's inclusion.

Please join our campaign to support the MENA category's inclusion on the 2020 Census by contacting the Federal Registrar now.

To read more about our efforts to include the MENA category on the 2020...

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These Candidates Are Courting the Muslim Vote

Posted by on October 15, 2014 in News Clips

There actually are a few places in America where pols court the Arab American vote. It’s nice, but it hasn’t translated into real power.

Typically news stories about American politicians and the Muslim community run along the lines of: “Republican Official Demonizes Muslims.”   For example, recently we were treated to Oklahoma Republican State representative John Bennett calling Muslim Americans a “cancer” that must be cut of America. 

And over the last few years we have seen Republican officials fan the flames of hate toward Muslims by championing anti-sharia legislation. Of course, even the proponents of these laws admitted there were...

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Reclaiming Culture: Syria Relief and Development Discusses Upcoming Event, “Art in Exile”

Posted by on October 08, 2014 in Blog

By Kristyn Acho Fall Intern, 2014

In times of conflict, individuals have often found art to be an effective device to document experiences and to address political and social grievances.

The artists and filmmakers featured in the Syria Relief and Development’s upcoming event in Washington, D.C. on October 13 and 14, called “Art in Exile,” are no different. Each artist included in the affair will present a piece that revolves around political themes and discussions of political events and exile.

However, perhaps more interestingly, the event will provide attendees with a human perspective on...

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