Census seeks changes in how it measures race

Posted by Fox News on August 08, 2012 in News Clips

WASHINGTON –  To keep pace with rapidly changing notions of race, the Census Bureau wants to make broad changes to its surveys that would treat "Hispanic" as a distinct category regardless of race, end use of the term "Negro" and offer new ways to identify Middle Easterners.

The recommendations released Wednesday stem from new government research on the best ways to count the nation's demographic groups. Still it could face stiff resistance from some racial and ethnic groups who worry that any kind of wording change in the high-stakes government count could yield a lower tally for them.

"This is...

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Arab American Health Today: A Discussion with Dr. Abdulrahman M El-Sayed

Posted by on August 08, 2011 in Blog

By Kristyn Acho Fall Intern, 2014

Although Arab Americans are featured prominently in the media and public discourse, there is still limited research available on the health of Arab Americans. This dearth in information exists largely because large statistical projects to quantify the health of Arab Americans have not been undertaken. These projects are hindered by the lack of data on the Arab American population due to a massive undercount of the community by the Census Bureau, which identifies only a portion of the Arab American population through a...

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The Census, Apportionment and You

Posted by on March 25, 2011 in Blog

Census figures do more than track population growth. (Including the 43% jump in Asian population —the category that includes Arab Americans. It’s the single largest increase of any ethnic group in the US over the last decade.)

The figures also dictate Congressional apportionment, and this year’s changes will have a big impact on Arab Americans. Seven of the 20 states that will gain or lose seats are Arab American population centers. Look at it another way: of the eleven states with the highest concentrations of Arab Americans, seven will have new apportionments — and five of those are losing seats. The effected...

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Census Bureau to Release New Data From 2010 Census

Posted by on December 15, 2010 in Blog
In addition to the release of data from the decennial Census next week, The Census Bureau has released 5-year estimates from the American Community Survey (ACS). This data reflects surveying that took place from 2005-2009.
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Khalil & Da Mayor!

Posted by Makeda Saggau-Sackey on April 24, 2010 in News Clips

The awards honor those who enhance the lives of Arab Americans and promote peaceful coexistence in all walks of life. We snapped Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha with his wife Rafif Elsayed.

Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley received the Award for Individual Achievement for convening the first US-Arab Cities Forum with Chicago’s sister cities. (Plus after showing Rahm yesterday, it's an equal time thing.) Hizzoner is with Randa Fahmy Hudome, who runs an eponymous government relations firm.

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Your privacy is assured

Posted by AAI- Helen Samhan on March 31, 2010 in News Clips

As census forms arrive in households across the country, arguments are surfacing that aim to frighten people — in South Florida and throughout the nation — from participating. They must be corrected. The consequences of avoiding the census are real, because an undercount costs those areas millions of dollars in lost federal assistance that is tied to population totals.

One fear is that individual census responses will not be kept safe. Every Census Bureau employee has taken a lifelong oath to protect the confidentiality of census responses. Any employee who reveals any personal census information is subject to...

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Census to Count Arabs as White, Despite Write-In Campaign

Posted by Suzanne Manneh on March 25, 2010 in News Clips

The Census Bureau says it doesn’t matter if Arab Americans write their race in on their Census questionnaire. Even if they check the “other” box and write in “Arab,” as many community groups advocate, the Census will still count them as racially white. “Anyone from Europe, North Africa or the Middle East [will be classified] as white,” said Roberto Ramirez, chief of the ethnicity and ancestry branch at the Census Bureau. Ramirez said that will be the case no matter how many people write in “Arab,” because the Census Bureau is required by law to...

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Census 2010 Seeks Partnerships with Arab American Organizations

Posted by Arab Detroit on March 22, 2010 in News Clips

Arab American Institute’s Helen Samhan shares the benefits of partnering with the Census Bureau for the 2010 Census outreach efforts. The Census Bureau seeks over 100,000 partnerships for the 2010 Census with organizations, religious institutions, businesses, schools, etc. to increase the reach of the Census, especially in small hard-to-reach communities.

The Arab American Institute (AAI), the lead organization representing Arab Americans’ policy and community interests, was founded in 1985 by James Zogby. Samhan is the Executive Director of AAI and has been working alongside the Census team to encourage Arab American participation in the Census for the past...

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Viewpoint with James Zogby: Helen Samhan, MJ Rosenberg, Rob Sobhani

Posted on March 19, 2010 in Viewpoint with James Zogby
Air Date: March 18, 2010 On Thursday’s edition of Viewpoint with James Zogby, Helen SamhanExecutive Director, Arab American Institute Foundation (AAIF); MJ Rosenberg, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network
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2010 Census PSAs

Posted on March 17, 2010 in Arab American Institute

The Arab American Institute (AAI) launched on February 25th a nationwide Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign to promote the 2010 Census 2010 in the Arab American media in advance of Census Day on April 1, 2010.

The PSA campaign includes a 30-second television spot, a 60-second radio spot, and a print ad—each available in Arabic and English. The Ad campaign was endorsed by 19 organizations representing tens of thousands of Arab Americans across the country. to produce a census media campaign that is specific to our community and utilizes trusted Arab American leaders to spread the message...

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