Democrats in New York: Blacks, Jews, Jackson and the Middle East

Posted on April 06, 1992 in Washington Watch

Every presidential campaign views New York as a major hurdle to get over. Nowhere else in America is politics so intense, so nasty, and so complex.

New York state has a population of 18 million. More than 12 million people live in New York City and its immediate New York suburbs. One and one half million are Jews and another two million are African Americans.

It is the tension between these two communities that has added new complexity to New York politics in recent years. The source of this conflict is not simply race or religion, as some suggest. It...

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Big Changes in the New Congress?

Posted on March 30, 1992 in Washington Watch

This year’s congressional elections may produce the largest number of new members of Congress in the last forty years.

Political analysts estimate that the number of new members elected may be as high as 120, but will certainly not be less than eighty. By comparison, in recent years the average number of new members elected has been around forty.

The reasons for these projected changes should be understood.

1) Reapportionment

There are 435 members of the House of Representatives, and the number of congressmen per state is proportional to each state’s population.

Every ten years the United States conducts a...

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Israel's Friends Running for the Senate in 1992

Posted on March 23, 1992 in Washington Watch

Not only are the parties choosing their Presidential candidates this election year, but all 435 members of Congress and 35 Senate seats are up for reelection as well.

In fact, the biggest news to come out of the Illinois primary elections this past week was not was not the victories of Bush or Clinton, but the defeats of incumbent Senator Alan Dixon and four Democratic Congressmen. While there were different issues in each of these races, of course, three of them bring into sharp focus the vulnerability of incumbents in this unusual election year, where voters are increasingly anti-Washington and...

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Campaign '92: Preparing for Super Tuesday

Posted on March 16, 1992 in Washington Watch

As the first half of the 1992 U.S. Presidential primary season stumbled to a close, the best one can say is that “it hasn’t been neat or pretty—but it has been interesting.”

George Bush’s renomination as the Republican candidate to run for reelection in November was never in doubt. After winning every contest in every region of the country during the past two weeks, it is now certain. Pat Buchanan’s challenge has now shrunk to that of a mere nuisance. And yet, Buchanan will not go away.

Until now the President has failed to win much more 70% of the...

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Campaign '92: Observations at Half-Time

Posted on March 09, 1992 in Washington Watch

While President Bush continues to win in each of the presidential primaries, the margin of the victories is causing concern in the White House.

It is increasingly clear in many states that there is a solid 30% on the Republican side who will vote against the President, as shown in South Dakota, where 31% voted for “uncommitted” rather than cast a vote for Bush. At least half of this 30% represents a constituency which polls suggest Bush can no longer reach, while the rest are alienated and angry voters who want to send a one-time message.

In the two states...

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Campaign '92: Getting Meaner and More Confused

Posted on March 02, 1992 in Washington Watch

Last week, Democrats and Republicans in Maine and South Dakota voted in primary elections and the results only added more confusion to the already confused 1992 presidential campaigns.

On the Democratic side:

In Maine, former California Governor Jerry Brown tied for first place with Paul Tsongas. In South Dakota, Senator Bob Kerrey from neighboring Nebraska won decisively over Senator Tom Harkin, whose state of Iowa also borders South Dakota.

The results after three weeks and four elections of Campaign ‘92 show four separate winners in four states, with Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, the supposed front-runner, having failed to win anywhere....

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