This week unbelievably marks the six-year anniversary of the tragedy still playing out in Syria. In that time, the United States and the world have witnessed 450,000+ Syrians killed, 6.3 million Syrians internally displaced, and 4.8 million Syrians flee the war torn country. The most recent failure in peace negotiations this week perfectly pairs with more of the same from the United States. Syria has never been at the top of President Trump’s agenda, either on the campaign trail or since he’s taken office but it is becoming increasingly clear that the U.S. will continue to carry out the same basic policy that is inescapably complicated, almost completely hamstrung, constantly undermined, and brought to a near standstill by the delicate balancing act the U.S. is playing between warring factions in Syria and the counter-ISIL plan. So we’re left with the same policy but we Syria lives in a new world, a post-Aleppo world where almost everyone has come to grips with the fact that Syria is not being put back together quickly and Assad is not going to leave right away. Like those inevitabilities or not, Aleppo has also made it crystal clear that there cannot ever be a military solution to the Syrian crisis.