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It has been said that no matter where a person goes, there is no place like home. Whether it is the family, friends or traditions, there is no telling of the comforts and joys that a person’s home has to offer, and nobody knows these simple pleasures better than Dearborn City Councilwoman Suzanne Sareini.

A life time resident of Dearborn, Michigan, Sareini’s public service began by spending time in her parent’s restaurant. “Their restaurant quickly became a place for members of the community to gather, and a place to help new Americans get on their feet.” Sareini recalls.  Since the days of her childhood, Sareini has established herself as a realtor and opened many restaurants and small businesses situated in Dearborn. Through her business and real estate experience, she discovered her passion for helping people in her community. It was this passion that sparked her interest in public service and local government, and caused her to run for the Dearborn City Council. Since then, she has been elected to the City Council five consecutive times.

“Serving my community as a Councilwoman has become one of the biggest parts of my life,” Sareini said. Her specific interest in local government is due to its closeness to the many residents of her community. Local government “gives people who may not normally speak up an opportunity to feel a connection with someone in office.” she points out.  It is through these citizens that she discovers many of the issues and projects that she works on. Sareini recalls one of the most rewarding moments in her career as when she saved a man’s home from demolition. “How often do you get to give someone a second chance?”

Although Sareini has worked on a large amount of projects and issues since she first took office in 1990, “much of [her] work is centered around seniors, women and children.” She is a mother of four, and says that her experience with the public school system in Dearborn, both as a student and mother, has given her insight and ideas as to how to make it more effective, as well as a more profound understanding of the community as a whole.

In addition to her work with the Dearborn City Council, Sareini is currently serving her second term as a Trustee of the Board of Directors for the Advanced Technology Academy Charter Public School. She has also served two terms on the Michigan Women’s Commission, where she served as co-chair of the business and education committee. Ms. Sareini also has extensive experience with Arab American based work. She serves as a board member on the National Policy Council for the Arab American Institute in Washington, DC, and served as Chairwoman of the National Arab American Republican Heritage Council.

Although her experience in government and business is diverse, it has helped her to become the competent and recognized Councilwoman that she is today. Sareini is currently running for re-election to her 6th term with the Dearborn City Council. She plans to personally knock on doors and make phone calls because, as she says, “[She] can see the change in the community first hand, year after year. There is nothing like seeing that your work and efforts have helped and benefited the lives of others”