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By Jade Zoghbi

Spring 2013 Intern

Do you have a young daughter or son of Arab descent who is in need and deserving of a scholarship? Undergraduate education is a great financial investment for many families. Often, however, due to financial constraints, the potential of young people and our future leaders worldwide is lost to institutional barriers and economic hardship. Hence, young citizens ought to be supported by the entire community to pursue their educational goals. Some members of the Arab American community have responded to this need by establishing initiatives and funds to encourage higher education and leadership in youth and young adolescents.

One such initiative was started by the Hishmeh Foundation in partnership with cultural organizations in the United States and Palestine to support youth development and engagement with subjects such as the arts.

The scholarship will support young adolescents and college students of Arab descent (of any of the Arab League countries) at the undergraduate level, specifically to study at William Paterson University. The scholarship of $3,000 is awarded each year to four students, and eight students have thus far been awarded. The scholarship is awarded at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey.

To learn more about the requirements and how to apply, please access the application material here.

For additional information on these scholarship opportunities, you may contact the Office of Scholarships at (973) 720-3720.


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