The Democrats just held their second set of debates this week, and there were bigger fireworks this time around. CNN’s Jake Tapper kept poking the candidates for some “progressive-on-centrist” violence (figuratively speaking), and he got his wish. On the first night, Bernie Sanders delivered some zingers, interrupting John Delaney’s argument about the “health care business” by saying “it’s not a business,” and retorting Tim Ryan’s questioning of his knowledge on the impact of Medicare for All on unions by saying “I wrote the damn bill.” When Elizabeth Warren had enough of Delaney, she delivered the night’s biggest zinger, wondering out loud why people like Delaney, who have basic platform ideas, bothered to run for office at all. To the credit of CNN’s Don Lemon, he explicitly called out President Trump’s racism and the threat of white supremacy. On the second night, dozens of protesters joined the debate, heckling the candidates on multiple occasions (as if 10 voices on stage wasn’t busy enough). Joe Biden wasn’t able to effectively retaliate against Kamala Harris’s knockdown punch on busing from the last debate, but Tulsi Gabbard stepped and showed him how to damage Harris with jabs at her prosecutorial record. Sadly for all of us, foreign policy, voting rights, the Muslim/refugee/asylum ban, etc.discussion took up about 8 milliseconds out of a 3-hour debate, leaving entire areas of significant presidential influence virtually unexplored. Hilariously for all of us, Biden closed the whole debate by directing people to a strange website that was supposed to be an SMS number. It was a fun party!