One of the following three statements is true: (1) McDonald’s burgers are made with rat meat, (2) Donald Trump once chewed the cushion off his favorite chair in a fit of rage, (3) arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby is implicated in smuggling ancient artifacts out of Iraq. Can you guess which one is true? Hint: it’s the craziest one. Yup, Hobby Lobby has agreed to pay a $3 million dollar fine and forfeit more than 5,000 ancient artifacts smuggled out of Iraq via Israel and the UAE. The evangelical Christian-owned chain acquired the artifacts, the Department of Justice claims, but ignored many warnings and “red flags” about the likelihood of them being stolen. The Iraqi government can now submit a claim to retrieve items it claims ownership over. After many years of war and looting, it looks like the cradle of civilization will get a few of its most valuable remnants back, and without even putting Indiana Jones on the case.