The Iowa State Fair had everything that Americans love: fried foods, carnival rides and oh yes, the 2016 presidential candidates donning their most casual “country” attire. Republican and Democratic candidates alike could be found among the crowds, riding the rides, and admiring all that the fair had to offer. Engaging the American public is the name of the game at the fairgrounds, which means candidates tried their best to seem like Joe (or Jane) Average -- everyone except for Donald Trump. It’s hard to seem like the everyman when you’re offering free helicopter rides in your TRUMP chopper. Trump, the current GOP frontrunner, leads the polls with 22% support nationally. In a surprising turn of events, Sen. Scott Walker (R-WI), who had been the obvious Republican favorite in Iowa, was relentlessly heckled during his “soapbox” speech and is now placing third in the crucial state’s caucus, preceded in the polls by Trump and Carson, respectively. While Trump took to the sky, Hillary Clinton was found strolling through the fairgrounds with former Iowa senator, Tom Harkin. Although Clinton didn’t take to the “soapbox” like her fellow Democratic candidates, she wasn’t immune to the jeers and cheers of the people of Iowa. Even Hillary had to answer tough questions from the media, many regarding her most recent e-mail controversy. Another thing Clinton wasn’t immune to? The palpable power of fellow Democratic candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Sanders’ “soapbox” speech attracted the largest crowds out of any of the candidates. In an informal polling of fair-goers, however, Hillary still barely leads Sanders, 48% to 46%. So which candidate gets the “First Place Blue Ribbon”? Many suggest that it was Bat Man himself, Donald Trump.