Posted on June 23, 2017 in Press Releases

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June 23, 2017


Following the Daily Beast’s reporting that Sebastian Gorka delivered an anti-Muslim lecture to FBI officials in August 2016, long after the agency was ordered to end bigoted presentations, the Arab American Institute’s Executive Director, Maya Berry, issued the following statement about Gorka, who continues to serve as Deputy Assistant to President Trump:

“Sadly, Gorka’s views are all too well known to us. He has made demonization of Muslims his full-time job regardless of the title he holds or who he is speaking to. Although he’s never hid his horrific views, he was allowed to continue working as a consultant for the FBI for some years. It seems it was only when individuals of conscience were forced to listen to Gorka’s bigotry, extremist rhetoric and lies was he given his marching orders by our nation’s chief law enforcement agency. We should note, that although he eventually lost his contract with the FBI, he was kept on as a consultant for the Trump campaign. Once more, all of this information would have been readily available to the Trump Administration, yet they have chosen to keep Gorka on their team as one of the key officials advising the President.

Gorka’s presence at the White House continues to be a stain on our nation." 

The Arab American Institute joined with Muslim Advocates and Bend the Arc Jewish Action in March to call for Gorka’s resignation after it was reported that Gorka had taken a “lifetime oath” to a Nazi-affiliated group in Hungary. The organizations argued, “Gorka should have never been hired and has no place in any administration. He should step down immediately.” 


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