Posted on January 25, 2017 in Press Releases

The Arab American Institute released the following statement in regards to Executive Orders on the "Wall and sanctuary cities. 

With a stroke of the pen today, President Trump is attempting to wipe away local communities’ ability to welcome all people, including those who may be undocumented. Fourth Amendment, Welcoming Cities and so called "sanctuary cities" are home to large and vibrant immigrant communities that allow them to build their lives and community while advancing public safety because they are free to speak without fear. This action will create a "show me your papers culture" and is in violation of Fourth Amendment protections to be free from "unreasonable searches and seizures.” This action forces local police officers to act as federal agents as local communities risk the loss of much needed federal funding for transportation, housing, health, public safety, and education programs. 

Once more, the action authorizing resumed construction of the so-called "wall" on our southern border will be nothing more than an extremely costly symbol of xenophobia and division. Put simply, this is scapegoat politics and has no place in America.