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March 21, 2017                                                                                    
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AAI letter to Caucus Co-Chairs


The Arab American Institute wrote to the Co-Chairs of Caucus on International Religious Freedom and the Caucus on Religious Minorities in the Middle East’s to express our deep concerns over the screening of a biased film produced by the CEO and founder of the Clarion Project. The Clarion Project is known for its “rabidly anti-Muslim films” that even compare Islam to Nazism. While the promotional material surrounding Faithkeepers claims the film focuses on the persecution of religious minorities, particularly Christians, in the Middle East, the involvement of a group as tainted with bigotry as the Clarion Project, leaves little doubt that this is yet another effort to create fear and hatred of Muslims.

At a time when our country is experiencing a rise in hate crimes, including a 67% increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes, it is shameful that our elected representatives have chosen to align themselves with hate rather than take a stand against bigotry. 

“Members of Congress cannot become peddlers of hate – using taxpayer funded resources to do so. Their sponsorship of this screening, from a group known for its hatred of Muslims, is shameful. I am a Christian from the Middle East and I care deeply about the plight of religious minorities in the region. Despite the Clarion Project’s claims, this film will do nothing to advance the rights and safety of Christians in the Middle East. It will however, add to the growing climate of bigotry here in the U.S.,” said AAI President James Zogby.

The “Special Advance Screening” of FaithKeepers is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22 at 2:30PM at the Rayburn House Office Building. The event is hosted by the Caucus on International Religious Freedom and the Caucus on Religious Minorities in the Middle East.

For a copy of the letter, click here.

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