Posted on January 27, 2017 in Action Alerts

Today, one week into his term, President Trump signed Executive Orders that halt and roll back some of America’s proudest traditions. We must respond now. From suspending the refugee resettlement program, to denying entry to the United States for individuals from Arab and Muslim-majority countries, to adding needlessly stringent requirements on an already robust vetting process, President Trump is not leading. And these orders come after announcements about building the wall and opposing sanctuary cities.

America is a proud nation of immigrants. America is a country that has historically welcomed refugees fleeing war and persecution. These executive actions signed by President Trump today will not make us safer nor will they deter us from demanding that our government uphold our American ideals. The promise of America is one that has shown brightly to many of those who built our nation and to new generations who hoped to continue this great project. With one broad stroke, many now face uncertain futures.  

While the Executive has a great deal of discretion – rest assured there will be legal challenges to these actions. In advance of legal challenges that are being prepared now, our country must come together to speak loudly and with clarity that we reject bigotry. 


1. Call your Senators and Representative TODAY.

Your representatives in the House and Senate need to hear your voice. We're asking for two things:

--> For them to speak out against bigotry and specifically against these Executive Orders

--> For the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold A THIRD hearing on the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. We want to #STOPSESSIONS. Click here to email your reps.

(202) 224-3121 *Please note that you will be prompted to enter your zip code*  

Sample Script:

“Hello, I am you constituent and I am appalled and offended by the Executive Orders President Trump issued today on immigration and refugees. These actions are an affront to the American ideals I hold dear. Banning Muslims and building walls are not American values. I am calling on you to step up and speak out against these orders, to reiterate that we are a nation of immigrants and that refugees fleeing war and persecution are welcome in our nation. I am calling on you to speak to you constituents and help us protect the vulnerable people in our state. America is stronger when we stand united against bigotry. We need your leadership.”

2. Contact President Trump – we know he is listening

Twitter is the best way to have our voices heard by this President as the White House comment line is not functional yet. Here are sample tweets and graphics:

.@POTUS - bigoted executive actions will not deter us from demanding you uphold our American ideals. #NoBanNoWall

.@POTUS - Americans welcome immigrants and refugees. Your latest executive actions put America last.









3. Start Building Your Neighborhood, City, and State into a Welcoming Community. 

AAI has released an Advocacy Roadmap that lays out THREE LOCAL ACTIONS that we must undertake to protect immigrants and refugees. Learn about them here: