2018 Spring Interns

Mollie_Headshot.jpgMollie Todd is a recent graduate of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky where she studied Cultural Anthropology and Arabic. During her undergraduate career, Mollie studied Arabic abroad in Jordan with CET Academic Programs and was a recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship. She was also a part of Kentucky’s first debate team to be sent to Doha, Qatar to compete in the International Universities Arabic Debate Competition. Mollie’s passion for promoting cultural competency and understanding lead her to intern in refugee settlement programs, focusing on connecting clients with employment opportunities. She completed her senior thesis on the development of English as a Second Language classes specifically to meet the needs of refugee students. Currently, Mollie is a student in American University’s School of International Service, working to obtain her Masters of Arts in U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security. Mollie is AAI’s Government Relations Intern.

Laura_Headshot.jpgLaura Neumayer is a current senior in her last semester at American University, where she is majoring in International Relations focusing in Development and Identity, Race, Gender & Culture. Laura spent the past four months studying development and politics in Nairobi, Kenya and working to end gender-based violence with the Center for Rights Education and Awareness located in Nairobi. At university, Laura discovered a passion for research and was published by Vanderbilt University’s Journal of International Affairs for her research on the intersection of gender bias and informalization in education policy in Nairobi. She also serves as an Assistant Managing Editor for American University’s Undergraduate Research Journal Clocks and Clouds. Her post-graduation aspirations revolve around combining research with activism, specifically where issues of identity and, more specifically, gender, are concerned to inform policy creation and create positive change for people of all identities. Laura is AAI’s Programs Intern.

Mona_Headshot.jpgMona Ahmed is the Communications Intern at AAI. She is an MA Candidate in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at the American University in Washington, DC. Her research focuses on identity performativity, collective memory and the use of arts in post-war healing. Prior to joining AAI, she was a Research Assistant with the United States Institute for Peace and interned with the United States Embassy in Cairo. She received a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Japanese language from California State University Long Beach. Mona is an Egyptian American from Long Beach, CA.