There has always been a long-standing ideological debate about whether enormous tax-cuts are good or bad for the American people. But even if we avoid this traditional left/right debate altogether, there are still extremely troubling aspects to the current Republican tax bill that have not been discussed much. Did you know the proposed tax bill would eliminate a key provision of Obamacare that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, would leave some 13 million additional people uninsured in 10 years? Did you know that this supposed tax cut actually “slap[s] unprecedented new taxes on higher education”, making graduate school substantially more expensive? Did you know the bill includes repeal of the Johnson Amendment and would therefore allow non-profit institutions to engage in politics, by rolling back restrictions that have been in place since the 1950s? The move would allow non-profits, including religious organizations and institutions, to endorse political candidates. Churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. endorsing candidates, folks. What could go wrong? What was supposed to have passed yesterday appears to be now stalled because of estimates that it increases the deficit by $1 trillion dollars. No matter how all the tax parts of this bill play out, we are hoping for a cleaner bill that doesn’t change major policy.