The White House followed up President Obama's oval office address with a meeting between senior administration officials and a small group of American Muslim leaders, including our own Maya Berry. For nearly two hours, Senior Advisor Valerie JarrettBen RhodesCecilia Munoz, and Melissa Rogers listened to the concerns and policy recommendations of community leaders who are seeing the real life consequences of the current climate of suspicion and hate (by some) towards Muslims, including many Republican candidates for President. Even though the White House has denounced the xenophobic rhetoric, there has been a surge in hate crimes which only adds to the serious mental health concerns for young American Muslims who are increasingly confronted with discrimination and bigotry. In addition to echoing concerns about how our community and our country are being negatively impacted, we highlighted the need for better protection for our community centers and mosques that are either receiving serious threats or have been the subjects of actual attacks. Changes in how the Department of Homeland Security security grants are administered will go a long way in helping to protect people.