If you watched Trump’s first State Of The Union address, you probably caught a lot of the awful stuff you’ve come to expect from this administration. Facts be damned, Trump attacked family unification by calling it what we refuse to repeat here, and falsely claiming it allowed for “virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives.” To hell with peace and international law, Trump was proud of his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. To hell with human rights and America’s image abroad, Trump bragged about keeping Guantanamo open. Who cares about sharply rising civilian casualties from US strikes in Afghanistan.Our environment and the planet’s climate are at stake? Meh, Trump was proud of ending what he claims was a “war on American energy.” But we saved the worst for last: He used the suffering of loved ones who had to endure extraordinary loss as victims of violent crimes to justify his draconian immigration policies. And what made the headlines after all this? Trump’s “call for unity”. Well, we as a country might not be united in how we view this speech, but we will be united in suffering the damage of Trump’s policies, so there’s that.