Election years tend to bring out some crazy, and boy do we have some crazy overload. Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama did not discourage all of America’s unsavoury characters from running for office, as evident by the fact that Jan Morgan is running for Arkansas governor. Who is Jan Morgan, you ask? A gun-range owner who declared her establishment of a “Muslim-free zone” because Muslims can’t be trusted with guns. But believe it or not, she may not be the most outrageous person running. Remember Sheriff Arpaio, the guy who oversaw abusive practices against detainees and who was later pardoned by President Trump after being convicted of criminal contempt? He’s running for a US Senate seat in Arizona. But almost as interesting as the new faces this election season are the old faces that won’t stick around. We already told you about Republicans Jeff Flake and Bob Corker abandoning their bids for re-election, and now you can add a whole lot of prominent Republicans, including Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Darrell Issa to them. Republican Joe Barton isn’t running for reelection either, over that nude photo that leaked online (nope, we’re not gonna link to it). On the Democratic side, we’re saying bye bye to John Conyers, Al Franken and Ruben Kihuen over sexual harassment scandals, and a whole bunch of other Democrats for a wide variety of reasons. Is this an unpredictable election season or what? Countdown is where we’ll get you the most consequential, and occasionally the juiciest, updates, so stay tuned.