Posted by on October 22, 2010 in Blog

Closed out the second week with two really wonderful events in Seattle. The Seattle Times previewed my appearance with a great review by Jerry Lange.

First stop was Microsoft, where one I had a lunchtime visit with a thoughtful group of about 100. The discussion that followed my talk was smartly focused on the elections and what the consequences of this year's contests would be on outreach to the Arab World and the search for Middle East peace. Grist for the mill. I've been talking and thinking about this issue. It will be next week's column.

The Seattle World Affairs Council (WAC) was the best event to date. 300 souls, fully engaged in peace and justice issues - and so many books sold and signed - my hand hurts. I am a fan of the WACs - concerned citizens who care deeply about foreign affairs.

My daughter, Mary Margaret, who accompanied me on this leg of the tour, and I spent the day, in between events, with Majid al Bahdali. Majid has a remarkable story: a post Gulf War prisoner (he had been part of the anti-Saddam uprising. Spent years in a desert camp then to the US as an asylee. Became a citizen a few years later and in 2008 was elected an Obama delegate to the Democratic Convention.

Being with Majid and his family an was a wonderful way to close out week two.