Sitting Senator Ted Cruz unsurprisingly thinks the answer to real, traumatic terrorism overseas is to put in place policies here in the United States that will victimize American Muslim communities. Cruz, who represents around 100,000 Arab American constituents as the Senator from Texas, called for law enforcement to “patrol and secure” American neighborhoods in response to the ISIL attack in Brussels. [As an aside, businessman Donald Trump who does not represent a constituency, also supports the Cruz-crafted plan to profile American citizens]. In a rather rich moment of the pot calling the kettle black, senior members of the NYPD have forcefully come out against Cruz’s plan to harass Americans Muslim communities. The NYPD literally did this after 9/11. Despite the irony, we’re glad the NYPD is speaking out. And even though Ted Cruz holds up the decommissioned NYPD spying program as an example of what he wants to see more of, the program did not work, it was unconstitutional, and it damaged the relationship between American Muslim communities and law enforcement. There is no redeeming, funny part of this story. We are seeing an elected official running for the highest office in our country advocate for creating a police state for a segment of the American public. Period.