Posted by Yasmin Hussein on June 01, 2016 in Blog

June is officially Immigrant Heritage Month and throughout the month AAI will be highlighting the contributions and successes of Arab American immigrants to the U.S. An initiative spearheaded by, the goal is to gather and share stories of immigrants who have meaningfully contributed to American life.

As part of this celebration, AAI wants to collect YOUR “Welcome” stories to help underscore how our country’s heritage is built on the diversity and contributions of immigrants. In a time when the backlash against Syrian refugees and immigrants in general has become so heated, your voice is needed. Submissions could include your own arrival story, your parents the story, or that of a distant relative generations ago. Take the time to be heard – your story could be featured on our website and via social media. Submit your stories here.

We also have launched our 2016 Together We Came series, highlighting the stories of outstanding Arab American immigrants and their descendants who have made an indelible impact on the vibrancy of our nation. These portraits remind us that the United States is a nation defined by our diversity and the contributions of countless immigrants from all over the world.

Our efforts aim to highlight not only the centrality of immigrants to our national history, but the role of immigrants in defining our nation’s future. On June 7th, we will hold an event with author Linda K. Jacobs on her recent book “Strangers In The West: The Untold Story of America’s First Arab Immigrants” which looks at the history and contributions of New York’s Little Syria community.


For this month, we encourage you to do the following:

1. Visit the website and use the hashtags #ImmigrantHeritageMonth or #IHM2016 and #ArabAmerican #TogetherWeCame throughout the month;

2. If you’re in the DC area, attend our upcoming event: A Conversation with Author Linda K. Jacobs about “The Untold Story of America’s First Arab Immigrants"

3. Write an op-ed for your local paper about how immigrants have contributed to your community and our nation and we will help you place it in your local paper.

Make sure to follow the campaign throughout the month as we highlight the contributions of Arab Americans by connecting with AAI on Facebook, following us on Twitter @AAIUSA and checking out our website for weekly updates.


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