Posted by on February 04, 2011 in Blog

Last night, the Senate passed a resolution (S.RES.44) by voice vote that affirmed the importance of the U.S.-Egyptian bilateral relationship and called on Egyptian President Mubarak to:

“Immediately begin an orderly and peaceful transition to a democratic political system, including the transfer of power to an inclusive interim caretaker government, in coordination with leaders from Egypt’s opposition, civil society, and military, to enact the necessary reforms to hold free, fair, and internationally credible selections this year.”

The resolution, sponsored by Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA) and Armed Services Committee Ranking Member John McCain (R-AZ), is the first official statement from the House or Senate on the dramatic events unfolding in Egypt. The language is also more direct in its call for Mubarak to step down than what has been issued by officials from the Obama administration.

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