Posted by Mediate on August 10, 2014 in News Clips

CNN commentator S.E. Cupp battled Arab American Institute President James Zogby over what Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter called “bias by omission”: media outlets potentially swaying the tenor of a Israel-Hamas story by leaving out crucial details about the players.

Cupp argued that’s exactly what happens when news shows portray Hamas as a political organization as opposed to a terror group monomaniacally bent on the wholesale destruction of Israel. “It’s something that should be said any time you’re discussing what Hamas wants,” Cupp said, though Stelter said he heard that said plenty. “Any time it is omitted that Hamas wants the annihilation of the Jews and the destruction of Israel, that…creates a false sense of moral equivalency.”


Zogby called that “bizarre,” and said if that were protocol news organizations would have to also include certain portions of Likud’s charter every time they interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including calls for deportations of Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank. “The Likud party, as opposed to other political parties in Israel, has been very clear about maintaining from the very beginning that there was no indigenous native Palestinian presence,” Zogby said. “They were to be expelled.”

Cupp then accused Zogby of “condescension.” So, you know, cable news.

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