Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker hit the ground running Monday when he formally announced his campaign for the Republican nomination near the top of the Republican field when many of the other candidates are struggling to raise poll numbers. But the walk up to his announcement was not free of stumbles. Scott Walker’s twitter account jumped the gun Friday by tweeting an announcement of his candidacy days before he was set to officially announce. Twitter has taken responsibility for the accidental tweet, stating that Walker’s team was not at fault for the leak. Governor Walker garnered conservative backing after launching an attack on public sector unions in Wisconsin, passing legislation that took away the ability of public sector unions to bargain collectively over pensions and healthcare. His actions provoked outrage by union workers throughout Wisconsin, causing the state to hold a recall election in 2012 as a referendum on his union-busting bill. Walker seems to be banking on the somewhat bland, everyman persona he has fostered. Whether his low-key approach can make an impact amidst the bombast of the current Republican field remains to be seen.