We can’t shake the feeling that the world is spinning a little bit out of control (or, a lot of bit). Saudi’s unjust, reprehensible execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr (along with 46 others) has sparked a crisis across the region that has resulted in the Saudi Embassy being attacked in Iran and a series of diplomatic fissures along tired sectarian lines. And the tinderbox is still being lit by the continued threat to al-Nimr’s 21-year-old nephew who was sentenced to crucifixion (yes, crucifixion). But the constant reiteration that the region’s sectarian tensions have led us here is drowning out any good analysis of what’s going on and how to deescalate. We’d kindly suggest that it’s possible that the wantonly aggressive geopolitical battle for power is fueling the sectarianism, not the other way around. Someone might need to find an Archduke to guard, because we might be one assassination, death, or foul word away from a similar scenario that sparked World War I. 

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