It has been a little hard to shake the feeling of watching a conspiracy as the media touts just one story about how Clinton and Sanders fared on Super Tuesday. Clinton had an undeniably great showing in all 12 states that voted, and she won an expectedly impressive – but hardly decisive – 8 states, a few with huge margins of victory. BUT, why does it seem the media is ready to write off Sanders’ campaign when the Senator carried 4 states and swept the support of young voters by wide margins even in states he didn’t ultimately win like Texas, Virginia, and Clinton’s home state of Arkansas? How is that a resounding, campaign-ending defeat? Especially when you consider Secretary Clinton was overwhelmingly expected to win in this set of mostly southern voting states, but the 4 states Sanders won (Vermont, Colorado, Minnesota, and Oklahoma) are more indicative of the primary states to come. We’re not saying Sanders won Super Tuesday, we’re just saying he wasn’t crushed like you might be lead to believe.