No no, this has nothing to do with Russia. But the Trump administration appears to be toying with the idea of killing the Iran deal, as Trump plans to decertify Iranian compliance with it. Of course, everyone, from the State Department to the IAEA, confirms Iran is actually in compliance with its obligations under the Iran nuclear deal, which prevents it from developing nuclear weapons. So why on earth is Trump planning to claim they’re not in compliance? We have a guess: This seems to be one of those cases where Trump has pandered so much to his base about the deal being terrible that it’ll look bad if he admits it’s good. But it’s also so good it would be foolish to just abandon it and relieve Iran from its obligations, setting us back on a path of confrontation with Tehran. So, like any responsible adult who oversees keeping the country safe, Trump appears to want to make good on the meaningless red-meat campaign pandering he engaged in earlier, and dumping the burden onto Congress to decide whether the deal lives or dies. That, of course, is a ‘win-win’ for the President (he gets credit for being “tough on Iran” without the full blame for the deal’s death of Congress lets it die). But if you zoom out a little and look at the whole thing from a distance, we’re really talking about showing the world that we don’t keep our word on the deals we make and, worse yet, we’re risking waging another war, all to score petty political points at home. Let’s hope there is enough rationality left in Washington to save a successful deal that makes us all safer.