1980 was a big year for refugees. First came Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ hit single (yes, the song is that old), and second, President Jimmy Carter signed the Refugee Act, providing a permanent admissions system that guarantees resettlement and economic assistance to refugees entering the United States. We welcomed over 200,000 refugees in 1980 alone. 37 years later, Tom Petty is still on tour and Jimmy Carter is still saving the world, but our refugee admissions system lacks comparable gusto. It looks like President Trump will cap admissions at 45,000 over the next year—the lowest level in decades—lower than Ronald Reagan’s 67,000 in 1987, but not quite as low as policy adviser Stephen Miller’s suggested cap of 15,000. Amidst the worst refugee crisis in modern history, Trump’s cap is indefensible, but Miller’s is straight-up outrageous, though it certainly aligns with this week’s theme. In keeping with our riff on classic rock stars of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, perhaps Miller should make like his namesake and “Fly Like an Eagle” out of the White House.