As many of you know, Arab Americans face systemic harassment, detention, and occasionally deportation by Israeli authorities upon attempting to enter Israel or Palestine.  It’s so bad that even the State Department once said it’s “concerned at the unequal treatment that Palestinian-Americans and other Arab-Americans receive at Israel’s borders and checkpoints.” So how should we respond to Israel for its discriminatory treatment affecting U.S. travelers? Well, the U.S. Senate has an idea: All 100 of them signed onto a letter to DHS Secretary Nielsen urging to extend CBP’s Global Entry program to include Israel. The Global Entry program includes a bilateral agreement between the United States and a country, accelerating their nationals’ entry to the U.S. and vice versa “to ensure the best travel experience.” Ah, yes, nothing teaches them a lesson like rewarding their mistreatment of our citizens with special travel privileges for theirs! Because we’re not cool with this, we sent our own letter to the Senate, urging them to reconsider their endorsement of admitting Israel into the Global Entry program, at least until Arab American travelers are afforded equal protection. By the way, if you’ve faced mistreatment at an Israeli-controlled border, we want to hear from you.