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Tonight at 9 pm, Fox News and the Washington Examiner will be hosting a Republican presidential debate at Iowa State University. The debate should be an opportunity to challenge each of the candidates on the statements and positions they’ve put forward since the June debate in New Hampshire. Here’s what we’re looking out for from each of the candidates:

Mitt Romney

Though Romney still holds presumptive front-runner status, his campaign has yet to increase its support base above the plateau it reached months ago. His position as lead of the pack has also drawn attention–and anger–from people from across the political spectrum . Earlier today, Romney was heckled while delivering a speech at the Iowa State Fair, where several members of the crowd booed him for bowing in to “Wall Street greed,” to which his only defense was to say, “corporations are people, too.” He ended the speech joking, “these guys up front won’t be voting for me.” He’s going to have to clean up his messaging to put in a good showing tonight.

Tim Pawlenty

Pawlenty has been trying, unsuccessfully, to pull himself out of the political margins since the beginning of his campaign. Tonight will be crucial for Pawlenty to prove himself as a serious contender in Iowa, despite his lackluster polling in the state thus far. We’re expecting to see a much more aggressive face to Pawlenty tonight, after he was roundly criticized for being too meek in the June debate.  And, since Michele Bachmann will likely be his easiest target, it should be interesting to see how she responds.

Michele Bachmann

After a good showing in the last debate, Bachmann has done surprisingly well in the campaign so far, especially considering the countless flubs she’s made in recent months.  Bachmann is regarded as a possible front-runner in the Iowa straw poll, which will make her a target of all other candidates. She’ll have to keep equal composure to the June debate, even while under increased fire from her opponents.

Rick Santorum, Hermain Cain, & Ron Paul

The “back of the pack” has a lot to prove tonight. Despite some audacious campaign tactics to win more media exposure, none of these candidates has reached a competitive level of support. Tonight may well be their last chance.

Tune in tonight at 9pm on Fox News to watch the debate, and let us know what you think.

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