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No matter who wins in Iowa today, the caucuses will have a profound impact on the presidential race going forward. This impact, however, will not occur in ways that conform with our conventional political wisdom and established scripts for primary battles. A week before the primaries officially start, all signs indicate that the Iowa caucuses will sow the seeds for a long, drawn out race for the Republican nomination.

The outcome of the Iowa caucuses may not tell us who will ultimately win the nomination, but it will set the trajectory for the rest of the race in many ways. As the candidates prepare for a long and drawn out primary battle, so must we the voters.

Before the Iowa caucuses kick off this evening, we want to point your attention to the important resources you have at your disposal. We have compiled profiles on each of the Republican candidates, plainly laying out each candidate’s statements on major issues for easy comparison. These profiles will be updated daily with the latest information throughout the primary process.

We have also started our work on the delegate selection process in key states across the country and will be sending out our own candidate questionnaires to get their perspectives on a range of foreign and domestic issues important to you. 

If you’re in Iowa, make sure to head out to your local caucus today.

And please do email us on Wednesday and let us know what you think of the results from Iowa—we’d love to include it in our post-Iowa blogs.

Click here to see our Candidate Statements page.

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