We're collaborating with community partners across the nation to #ReportHate. Launched in response to the rising tide of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry, and the under-reporting of hate crimes and incidents against our community, #ReportHate establishes working groups in key states consisting of community leaders and organizations from Arab American and allied communities. The Project encourages communities and individuals to work with their elected officials to strengthen hate crime laws and encourage reporting through official avenues. 

Our community-driven approach delivers a tailored strategy for each working group based on local needs, an acknowledgment that change is made at the local level and should be dictated by invested community members. The unified working groups will take their concerns to relevant state and local officials with the influence to create the necessary changes. The officials, responding to their constituents, will play an important role in implementing the demands, whether they be policy, training, personnel, or programmatic changes. It does not end there: the #ReportHate Project will continue to grow by sharing our best practices to other communities in need of support. 


Hate affects all communities. We are uniting representatives from every impacted community to share their experiences, discuss opportunities for collaboration, and to identify and minimize obstacles to reporting hate crimes. We know hate crimes are consistently underreported—by both victims and reporting agencies. Without a sustained effort to improve reporting we cannot develop a clear understanding of hate crimes in our nation and how to address them. To learn more of the #ReportHate Project, or to get involved, reach out to Heba Mohammad at hmohammad@aaiusa.org.


We currently have working groups in 16 states, with over 100 community partners.



 #ReportHate is operating in: 


Massachusetts Ohio
Florida Michigan Pennsylvania
Georgia Minnesota  Texas
Illinois New Jersey Virginia
Louisiana New York  
Maryland North Carolina   

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