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In yesterday's Washington Post, Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA) authored a powerful and eloquent response to the Islamophobic "hearings" sponsored by Rep. Peter King (R-NY). Honda decries King's "prejudice, hysteria and a failure of leadership," and draws compelling parallels between the bigoted rhetoric toward Muslims today, and the internment of Japense Americans in the wake of Pearl Harbor:

King used the anniversary of Pearl Harbor to claim that America faces an imminent threat from a religious ‘enemy within.’ The hearing continued a dangerous trend of using tragic but isolated crimes and unnamed sources to proclaim that one group — Muslims— are the source of all homegrown terrorist threats to the military. Sadly, this line of thinking is a direct parallel to World War II, where conjecture and hyped-up discrimination, dressed-up to look like fact, branded the Japanese American community as an imminent threat to America.

The whole letter is definitely worth a read; check out the full article here.

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