Now that the required 34 votes came through in the Senate, President Obama can rest a bit easier knowing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action aka "Iran Deal" will pass through Congress. Still, the campaign against the deal continues with several GOP candidates claiming they would overturn this deal on day one. They should maybe relax a bit on that. The last time we heard this sort of blind rejection, George W. Bush was dismantling his predecessor Bill Clinton's Agreed Framework with North Korea on their nuclear program, which had been working.  In the eight years that followed North Korea's nuclear weapons program went from no actual weapons and some hidden nuclear material during the Clinton years to a dozen nuclear weapons under Bush's leadership. Eventually the Bush administration tried to work on a new deal, which looked a lot like the original Clinton deal that was dismantled. So in the interest of sticking with an agreement that prevents Iran from developing nuclear weapons, let's not let electioneering candidates blowing smoke turn into a mushroom cloud, to channel a sage George W. Bush Administration official on what turned out to be the imaginary Iraqi nuclear arsenal.