This week’s election news takes us back to Pennsylvania, where party primaries were held on Tuesday utilizing newly drawn Congressional maps for the first time. The most significant outcome of Tuesday’s elections is an impending shift in Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation. The delegation is currently a “Boys’ Club,” but at least one seat---that of the 5th District, where both parties’ nominees are women---is bound to be held by a woman come November. Overall, the redrawn districts have leveled the playing field, paving the way for more competitive races. Democrats are taking advantage of the new opportunities, as evidenced by the packed party primaries in many districts. Even so, it’s hard to predict what will happen in Pennsylvania’s general election. We can be certain, however, that redistricting and the surge of new candidates will shake up the status quo, and will offer a plethora of lessons as other states consider similar reforms. Finally, we must also mention the other consequential primaries on Tuesday. Voters in Idaho, Nebraska, and Oregon went to the polls to make decisions on who would advance in congressional and gubernatorial races. Turnout in each state didn’t match expectations, bringing up a good time to remind you: please vote in every election---they all matter!