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Possible redistricting in Michigan may have a profoundly negative affect on Rep. John Conyers’s (D-MI) chances retaining his office, according to a recent POLITICO article. Conyers represents the 14th district of Michigan, which includes parts of Dearborn, Hamtramck, Highland Park, Southgate, Trenton and Allen Park. If Michigan Governor Rick Snyder approves the new map (which he is likely to do), Conyers will retain only 1/5 of his current constituency, with the new district stretching into parts of Oakland County and Lakeside gross pointe, an area of sharp demographic contrast to his current district. Such a shift – strategists argue – will more than likely render him unable to win the new seat. Conyers is, however, not out of options. Dan Hirschhorn reports:

“There are some promising scenarios in which the 82-year-old former Dingell aide could win a 25th term. Most notably, Conyers and freshman Democratic Rep. Hansen Clarke, both of whom would inherit many of each other’s constituents, could switch districts — a prospect Conyers implied is on the table.”

Rep. John Conyers has been a consistent advocate for Arab American issues. Look him up in our most recent edition of Scorecard and check out his voting record, if you’re not already familiar with it.



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