The viral picture of Omran Daqneesh, the innocent and shell shocked Syrian victim of war, has startled people across the world. We're waiting to see if it has startled people to action because, viral pictures are nothing new to the Syrian slaughter and many (including us) are increasingly frustrated that the images haven't translated into more. But even before Omran's hollow stare caught the world's attention, the U.S. government was feeling pressure to step up their humanitarian efforts - and now the rally cry for President Obama to step up is gathering steam. Following the proud announcement that the U.S. will meet the goal set for 2016 Syrian refugee resettlement numbers, aid groups were rightly trying to put the U.S. ego back in check. In fact, OxFam America said that President Obama should double his commitment to resettle Syrian refugees because 10,000 is nowhere near enough given our capability, the scale of disaster, and the embarrassing comparison between our number and what other countries are doing to resettle innocent Syrians. This weekend, an impressive coalition led by aid groups will host a day-long Rally 4 Refugees in Washington, D.C. – sporting the now-iconic orange life vests like Syrians fleeing across the Mediterranean. We’ll be there highlighting the rigorous requirements of the vetting process, but we must all do more to demand our humanitarian policies align with the extraordinary crisis facing Syrians—one that lead a notable commentator to declare that “Anne Frank today is a Syrian girl."