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By Dalal Hillou & Omar Baddar

On his 63rd day on hunger strike, Khader Adnan is currently at Ziv Hospital in Safad, shackled to his bed and held under guard as his condition deteriorates. A couple of months ago, Adnan was abducted from his home in Arrabeh, West Bank, on December 18th at  3:30 a.m. and placed under administrative detention in an Israeli prison, meaning that he was being held without charge or trial. No criminal charges were filed against Adnan, and the basis of his detention is “secret evidence” which was never made available to him or his lawyer.

The clock is ticking on Adnan, as Physicians for Human Rights reported that a fast "in excess of 70 days does not permit survival." Solidarity demonstrations have sparked around the world, and especially throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as Adnan enters this dangerous and possibly terminal phase. The effects of such a long hunger strike can vary from a sudden failure of his internal organs to long-term implications on his mental and physical health to his death if he is not released soon. Physicians for Human Rights also stated recently that although Adnan agreed to be treated with an infusion of liquids and salts, augmented by glucose and vitamins, he is still in "immediate danger of death."

A wide variety of organizations, ranging from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to the Carter Center, have called on Israel to release Adnan, and his peaceful protest has sparked comparisons to Bobby Sands and Ghandi. Adnan’s pregnant wife said that she does not expect him to survive, and his father was recently quoted, saying, "My son was arrested from his house, from among his wife and children, was taken prisoner. He was not carrying any weapon. Whereas [Gilad] Shalit was fighting against the people of Gaza, and destroying their homes, and firing upon, and Shalit was released."

Indeed, had Adnan been an Israeli facing potential death while in Palestinian captivity, the international uproar would have been more significant and more widely covered by the mainstream media. It is now on us to make sure this garners the international attention it deserves, in the hopes that Adnan can see a healthy return to his family. It would be a stain on our collective conscience to allow Adnan to die quietly as yet another victim of the occupation.

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