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West Virginia Democrat and Arab American member of Congress Nick Rahall is said to be considering a run for Jay Rockefeller’s (D-WV) Senate seat in 2014 when he retires. A Rahall spokesman confirmed to The Hill earlier today that a potential run for Rockefeller’s seat is "under consideration."

The only Arab American Democrat currently serving in Congress, Rahall has been a great advocate for the community and has an impressive voting record on Arab American issues. Despite being targeted by right-wing fringe groups and political opponents for his both his party affiliation in a primarily Republican state and for his relationship with the Arab American community, he’s remained a steadfast advocate for the community and most of all for his constituents. Rahall is an institution in West Virginia, serving in Congress since 1976. If a run for Senate is in his future, we wish Congressman Rahall all the best.

Below is an excerpt and link to the aforementioned article in The Hill:

Rahall has been the top Democrat on the House Transportation Committee since 2010. He said Friday that he was sad to see Rockefeller leaving the Senate.

“I still remember Jay's first inaugural as governor," Rahall said in a statement. "He told us, ‘My name is Rockefeller, but that will not pay our bills.’  He gave us more than his family name. He pledged his heart, mind and strength to us that day. For almost half a century, Sen. Rockefeller's service to his state and its families has never wavered from that commitment."

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