Posted by on October 13, 2010 in Blog

An important new book by my friend and AAI President Jim Zogby is now in bookstores. Written to change the way people in America understand people in the Arab world, Arab Voices: What They Are Saying to Us and Why It Matters is now available and I encourage you to read it.

In Arab Voices, Jim examines a variety of issues that define US relations with the countries of the Middle East and the way those issues inform Arab public opinion. In so doing, he reflects a great deal about an environment in America that is ripe with stereotypes and misleading information about the Arab world. It is the absence of this knowledge about the region's history and its people that makes it possible for ideologues to repeatedly misrepresent both the complexities of the Middle East and US interests in the region.

This is important. But what makes Jim's book so invaluable is that in addition to identifying the problems, he provides genuine analysis and examples of how we can do things differently. From government agencies to corporations, he highlights those that are "getting it right" so that their work can enlighten policymaking moving forward. I believe you will find Arab Voices a valuable and revealing read and I hope you will share it with friends and associates.

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