First, the Trump administration takes out the Middle Eastern or North African (MENA) category in the 2020 which we’ve fought tooth and nail to include so we can be counted. Then we file a FOIA to know why they insist on not counting us after we were set to be counted, but they won’t tell us. Well, now we’re suing to get the Office of Management and Budget to tell us exactly what happened. Our Executive Director Maya Berry said: “OMB’s non-action came after multiple Federal Register comment periods with overwhelming support for a new category and results ... showing that its inclusion would create a more accurate count. Our concern is that this thorough process was disregarded.” Well, disregarded we won’t be anymore! And keep in mind, this whole let’s not include a MENA question is coming at the same time as let’s add a citizenship question. Yes, this administration is playing politics with the census and sometimes you just have got to put your foot down.