Remember when Donald Trump falsely accused Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of supporting Al-Qaeda? That was a dangerous lie that (a) earned him 4 Pinocchios from the Washington Post, and (b) put the Congresswoman’s life at risk by telling people that she’s on the side of terrorists who want to destroy America (who wouldn’t want to protect their country from that?). When pressed on the inflamed crowds chanting for Trump to deport the Congresswoman, Trump subtly distanced himself from such chants. So did the President slip and make a mistake in taking things too far? Or is he a demagogue who has no qualms about smears and incitement targeted at his opponents? To no one’s shock or surprise, we now know it’s definitely the latter, as the demagogue-in-chief is at it again, retweeting a troll who fabricated a claim that Ilhan Omar was celebrating and dancing on the anniversary of 9/11. Under any of the last several administrations, this would be a scandal that rocks our political discourse for weeks. But in the “8 crises per minute” climate created by Trump, the president endangering the life of Congresswoman with fake news barely a day ago is out of the news cycle already.