The past term the Supreme Court took on a number of important election-related cases, which are fully discussed in our analysis published this week. What you need to know is that these decisions will make the electoral process more hostile to minority voters and to those currently out of power. Beginning in 2018, state lawmakers have an explicit green light to aggressively purge voters from the polls, even if they are disproportionately minority voters. Legislative bodies with a recent history of discriminatory intent in racial gerrymandering will be nonetheless presumed innocent of bad faith when creating new districts. And now, bringing suits which challenge political gerrymanders will be more onerous. These holdings further stress the importance for advocacy organizations to vigorously support more inclusive voting laws such as adopting automatic or same-day voter registration policies, which would eliminate many of the burdens faced by marginalized voters. Only civic participation can curb the trend in courts and legislatures of undermining electoral democracy across the country.