Across the country, voters will be asked to consider ballot initiatives on a range of issues. In two states with lots of Arab Americans, Michigan and Florida, there is an opportunity to support ballot initiatives that will grow democratic participation and representation. In Michigan, Proposals 2 and 3, led respectively by Voters Not Politicians and Promote the Vote, will be voted on Tuesday. Proposal 2 takes on gerrymandering, a practice that leads to unrepresentative districts and unaccountable officials. A yes vote will amend the state’s constitution to create an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Proposal 3 removes barriers to voting and implements safeguards for elections, including automatic voter registration and allowing any voter to cast an absentee ballot. A yes vote on both ballot initiatives will implement a package of democracy reforms that will make elections more secure and help every eligible Michigander vote. In Florida, the proposal on everyone’s mind is Amendment 4, the Voting Restoration Amendment led by Second Chances Florida, that restores the eligibility to vote to people with past felony convictions who have paid their debt to society a chance to participate in the democratic process again. As part of our democracy work, we are excited to support these ballot initiatives that make voting more accessible and support the democratic engagement of more eligible voters. That’s a win for all of us.