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March 6, 2017                                                                                    
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President’s Revised Executive Order is Still a “Muslim Ban”

Today’s new Executive Order, “Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry To The United States” changes nothing about the discriminatory nature of President Donald Trump’s attempt to ban individuals based on their faith and country of origin. We only need examine the words of the President’s Senior Adviser, Stephen Miller, who argued that this new order would simply “have the same, basic policy outcome for the country.”

The President campaigned on a “Muslim Ban.” The original Executive Order was stopped by the courts because it is a “Muslim Ban.” Sadly, this so-called new order is all that Miller promised – more of the same. The President targets the same majority Muslim countries as before, minus Iraq, while ignoring the extensive multi-agency, vetting process these individuals go through to obtain refugee status or an immigrant visa.

“While the Trump Administration has tried to clean up its ‘Muslim Ban’ with a new Executive Order, nothing has really changed. They have gutted the refugee program, denying tens of thousands of victims and their families the opportunity to find freedom and opportunity in a new home, and they are still banning individuals from our shores based on their national origin and faith. We are glad the Administration now realizes legal permanent residents have constitutional rights and Iraqis are human beings and as such worthy of individual consideration and due process but it’s time for the Administration to also realize that it is wrong to discriminate against an entire people because of their faith,” said AAI President James Zogby. 

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