Posted by on August 14, 2010 in Blog

After no comment by the White House, President Obama joined the likes of New York Mayor Bloomberg in expressing support of the deeply-held American value of religious freedom.  He stated that as both a private citizen and as President, he believes that "Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country."  He added, "This is America. And our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable."  The President's remarks are the subject of today's Politico's The Arena and Jim joined the debate stating:  

The president didn't weigh in early, but his words were "right as rain." The opposition to the Muslim Community Center in southern Manhattan is based on bigotry and is being fueled by opportunists on the right.

Look at the lineup arrayed against the center - it's the same cast of characters who have been opposed to all things Arab and Muslim for years now. They've made an industry of their intolerance. Their equation of this center with Nazism is shocking and offensive. And their defaming and deliberate mischaracterization of the work of Feisal Abdul Rauf is disgraceful.

By coming to the center's defense, I hope that the president will "toughen up" those who have been silent.

There is still time for you to join the debate this weekend -- and you can also click here for the full transcript of the President's remarks made last night at the White House iftar dinner.