Mike Pompeo finally made it to his Senate confirmation hearing, and what a hearing it was! Of course, you’ve already watched our video, so you know a good chunk of Pompeo’s troubling history with anti-Muslim bigotry, which may explain why he opened with a charm-offensive, discussing his love of meatballs and Golden Retrievers. And sure enough, there were plenty of soft-balls tossed Pompeo’s ways, but that didn’t stop several senators from throwing fast-balls at him too. The star of the day was Senator Cory Booker, who correctly grilled Pompeo over his connections with leading anti-Muslim bigots and his regressive views towards the LGBTQ community. “Senator, my record on this is unambiguous,” replied Pompeo, attempting to refer a supposed history of fairness towards all people. But his record is indeed unambiguous, and well documented in our video, which is precisely why we joined our partners on Capitol Hill on Monday to oppose Pompeo’s nomination, and why we continue to say #StopPompeo. And while Booker was the main star, he wasn’t the only one. You can watch the full hearing right here.

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